Unable to install Nvidia drivers. Not able to select from the radio menu


I've installed Zorion OS and I was trying to check and update the drivers for my Nvidia Card (GeForce GT 630M 2Gb) and I wasn't able to do so.
It says it's using a manually installed driver. I did not try to install anything so far. I did run a system update however.
During the installation I choose the Nvidia option as well so I am unsure of what the problem is.
I looked for solutions on the internet and here on the forums but nothing seemed to apply.


I'd like to thank you for your help in advance

I think you need to install Nvidia driver from the terminal.

Follow the method 2 or 3.

Thank you! I will try!
Any idea what the problem is and if I can fix it?

I had this exact problem when I was using Mint Linux.
I do not know the cause of it.
All I know is that a manual installation from terminal almost always fixes it.

Works for me! Fixes it in the way of getting and installing the wanted driver right? Or do you mean I'm able to use the menu afterwards? Either way it's not big deal but I like everything to function even if I don't use it

Sorry you lost me.
Did you try that tutorial I posted a link?
Did it work?

Not yet. I'm not near my laptop right now but I figured I'd post and when I get to it I'll try it

Also, second question:
What driver should I install? In the screenshot I posted it said the 340 but on the repositories that I have right now it's not there

If you follow the 3rd method, you could add PPA and install the latest driver available to your card.

I'll do that then. Thank you so much for you help!

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So very important update. Installing the drivers straight up broke the PC. It would boot up and have an error and telling me to contact the administrator. I tried to see what the problem was but no success. I did try to install Ubuntu instead of ZorinOS and did all the regular installing and it SEEMED to work. Installed the same driver and it boots up normally. I did get a message saying I was missing some firmware so maybe Ubuntu did all that automatically and ZorinOS didn't?

Zorin OS uses the HWE (Hardware Acceleration Enabled) kernel which generally works on most computers well. But in a case like yours, perhaps it is the difference between it and Ubuntu.

If you prefer the speed and performance of Zorin OS over Ubuntu, you may try installing a non-HWE kernel and the graphics drivers to test.

Thank you for the response!
How do I go about doing that?

I believe that the command for that is:

sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic xserver-xorg

Let me double check, to be sure...

And that is the command for the kernel?
Do I have to remove the other kernel?
And after doing that go about installing the driver?

You do not need to remove the other kernel. You can later after some time has passed to ensure that everything is working... But keep it long enough that if you need to rollback to it (Grub Menu - Advanced Options for Zorin), you can.

I will try that. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you!


It got stuck on boot up. After installing the driver

Well, the card is from 2012...

Ok so, it was working - but once you installed the Nvidia driver, you began to have freezes, right?

Yes. Exactly. The command you provided it was no problem but right after installing the driver it just does that. The driver is nvidia-340 which is the one that is recommended. And I do find it odd because all other drivers have driver on the name but not this one

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