Unable to install on Dell XPS 13

Hi I'm looking for some help thanks. I'm trying to install Zorin 15.3 Ultimate on a Dell XPS 13 2-1 laptop. i7-1065G7 CPU@1.3GHz 16.0GB ram. 512 SSD running Windows 10 Home.

I want to install alongside windows. I have used bEtcher to flash USB. It worked a few times but then seemed to remove the drive letter (D:) so the USB was not recognized. I switched to Rufus which seems to work.
I have disabled Fast startup, Secure boot and unlocked Bitlocker encryption.

I started without first partitioning the hard drive.
At no stage has an option come up to install linux alongside windows.
The installer seems to have changed several times giving different options. Not sure if this is related to the Dell, Windows, Linux or Rufus or bEtcher?
When a custom option was selected. The setup gave message saying no root.

From there i proceeded to partition the hard drive. When trying to install the setup could not recognise the drives and gave message that only 15gig space was available and needed 19gig. This seems to relate to recovery space in the hard drive but not sure.

Not sure where to from here? Thanks for your help in advance.

I am a fan of Super-Fragmentation, myself:

The "No root" message can happen if you select the "Something Else" option and partition the drive, but do not select the Mount Point. Setting the Mount Point in the Popup Window that contains 'what format' (FAT32), 'what journaling' (EXT4) and then, Mount Point (/) will resolve that should you continue to use the Something Else method to install.

Thanks very much for that. The situation now is that I cant even get to the options including 'something else' as the installer is saying there is not enough space on the disk. That happened with a partition created using windows system and then also after i removed the partition and expanded the space back to one partition.

If that partition is entirely formatted in NTFS, this can happen sometimes. I think that if I ran into this, I would use the Windows partition manager to create a new partition for Zorin OS, formatted in FAT32 to ease the Ubiquity installers ability to properly see and write to the drive.

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