Unable to locate ioapic for gsi 37 - Z17 upgrade

Getting error msgs on bootup and shutdown since upgrading to Z17.
Sry for the poor pics but captured while holding phone.

System boots up and seems to work ok but I'd like to not have error msgs.

Toward the end of this thread, you can find some suggestions in regards to disabling HW acceleration:

secuta nexum ... spectat ad me omnia Graeca

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I admit that it amuses me to see "It's Greek to me" written in Latin.

What the thread covers is other users reported the same or similar issues; their filing of bug reports on it and lastly, some suggestions from users to workaround the issue.
VirtualBox 7 - disable 3D acceleration - virtualbox.org.

Change Settings > Display > Screen > Monitor Count to 1; disable 3D acceleration

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