Unable to update Python to the latest version

Can someone explain to me why it is not possible to update Python to the latest versions (> 3.6.9) on my Zorin Lite OS 15.3 x86_64?
Thanks in advance.

Do you see it's available in the software center? (I'm asking because I'm not using zorin at the moment).

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Hi Storm,
usually I update by apt. For example if I want to upgrade to the 3.7 version, this is what I get:

sudo apt-get install python3.7
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Note, selecting 'python3.7-2to3' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'python3.7-tk' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'python3.7-distutils' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'python3.7-gdbm' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'libpython3.7-stdlib' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'python3.7-lib2to3' for regex 'python3.7'
Note, selecting 'python3-gdbm' instead of 'python3.7-gdbm'
Note, selecting 'python3-tk' instead of 'python3.7-tk'
Note, selecting 'python3-lib2to3' instead of 'python3.7-lib2to3'
Note, selecting 'python3-distutils' instead of 'python3.7-distutils'
python3-gdbm is already the newest version (3.6.9-1~18.04).
python3-tk is already the newest version (3.6.9-1~18.04).
python3-lib2to3 is already the newest version (3.6.9-1~18.04).
python3-distutils is already the newest version (3.6.9-1~18.04).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Is my way correct?

What does it says when (the list may be long)

apt search python3.7

apt search python3.7
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done

The actual version is:

python3 --version
Python 3.6.9

It may be that Python3.7 is not available for Zorin15.3 (as it's 4 years old) and only receive security updates.
But wait for one that runs Zorin to chime in, to confirm this.

Thx, but there are problems between Zorin 15.3 and the recent Python's version?

I mean: if I update by:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3.7


What output do you get if you add all three commands? I checked the PPA it should be there.

I would rather update from "official" repository and I don't want "to force" anything. May be, someone has already update Python in Zorin 15.3.
However, I'm going to update Zorin next summer.
I'm waiting for one that runs Zorin to chime in, as you said.

Okay. There's always a risk using an "unknown" PPA, so maybe it's a good idea to wait.

Thanks for helping me!

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FYI. I can't see Python 3.7 on my Zorin 15.3 Core rig. I have not specifically installed Python, only have what came with the installer.

In looking for it using Synaptic, I found Synaptic would not start due to a dpkg error. But was able to fix that with suggestion in the error pop-up.

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Thanks for the info!
What is the issue?
I'm wondering what is the "incompatibility" with Zorin 15.3...

I read on the forum regularly of users updating Python to a later version and coming unstuck. So as I dont need a specific version, I just leave well alone.

However: This may help Upgrading to Python3.7 - #3 by Aravisian

I see. Unfortunately this doesn't answer my question.
However, thanks for your reply.

Storm answered this here:

The more specific reason:

Python is an Integral package, with a lot of different applications depending upon it as well as it depending on a lot of set glibs.
A Set Dependency generally means that an application developer needs to protect their own application by ensuring that it will work. If they get too many complaints that their app does not work (due to other dependent software that app developer is not involved with), it makes them look bad and causes them a lot of extra work.
They set the dependency to a Known Working Dependency and leave it there to prevent breakage.
An open dependency only relies on that system package being installed, without limiting the version number.

Python is quite notorious about versions, with applications being very finicky about which version is installed.

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Zorin 15 is based on Ubuntu 18. The system version of Python is controlled by Ubuntu developers and is not modifiable due to dependencies. You can install any version of Python you want to develop in, but not replace the system version because it may break system applications.

You may be able to compile your own version, including python3.7, but it won't be something added unless and until the developers work through any issues that it may cause. I wouldn't expect it to happen.

If you upgrade to Zorin 16.2 you will get python 3.9.13. If this is because of wanting to code in that version, you should install the version you want to code in. Using the system version of a language to code is bad practice and can cause issues with your system.


Check this...Python update Guide

It is not recommended or good practice to upgrade Python beyond what is installed in the OS. Doing so may introduce newer versions of libraries and other dependencies that will break your OS or installed software.

The safe and more practiced method is to install other versions of Python for developmental purposes.

Upgrading one part of the OS (especially one the OS is dependent upon) will cause issues. Not having the latest version is no reason to upgrade.


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