Ungoogled Chromium signout?

This is not really a Zorin issue, but I have found this forum to have a some very knowledgeable people here. I have been using Ungoogled Chromium for several months now and have been very happy with it. But last night my granddaughter needed to go to Google docs for a school project so she logged into Google. When I opened UC this morning it wouldn't let me use the browser until I selected a user profile. So now I am logged into Google any time I want use UC. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of using UC. Does anyone here know how to sign out from Google as there is no option I can find for doing that? I did try going into settings and removed all cookies connected with Google but didn't change anything. When I restarted UC I was still logged in. Apparently UC gave me a profile named "Work" which is what I had to select before I could use UC. Searching the web produced no answers so I came here for help.

Thanks for any help you can give,

According to this issue on GitHub, the login feature via browser is completely disabled, so that would only leave with the option to login to Google directly via the website. If this is the case, the only way to keep the login active is via cookies and other data cached in the browser.
The quickest way to removed any shred of cached data is with Ctrl + Shift + Del but this would apply to all sites, so it you have other logins stored this is not a good solution.

Otherwise I would probably try to raise an issue in their GitHub page to have a first-hand insight on this. I haven't used Ungoogled Chromium in a while, but I'm still curious though.

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