Ungroup Apps Zorin Lite

Hey all. I hope you’re doing very well. I’m running Zorin Lite and i want to know if it’s possible to ungroup multiple windows of the same application so that each window appears at the bottom bar? Thank you very much.
Grouped Windows

Yes, right click on the panel and slide to the right for the panel pop up menu, then select to edit the addons on the panel. From there, select the “Window Buttons” add on to the panel- This will Not Group the windows (Which is the same I use and prefer.)
Remove the add on that is grouping the windows- I cannot remember which it is off the top of my head, but if you look at what add ons you have, you probably will know better than I would which you are using.

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Nice one. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I am glad you were able to sort it out from my bumbling description- I am not on the XFCE desktop at the moment (Using Cinnamon) and was struggling to remember the names of everything.

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Yeah i did. Thank you very much :slight_smile: