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I switched my surface book2 from windows 10 to Zorin pro yesterday , love the experience so far.
Biggest downside for me which effects my productivity is support of webcam and not being able to expand window after hiding it with Supper + H, i checked settings keyboard gestures but was not able to find solution.

Reference to webcam hopefully surface-linux team will be able to figure out how to fix it. Bountysource

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Since I mainly use desktop and it does not have a webcam, I cannot be very helpful to you.
I hope other forum volunteers will pitch in here to help you.

Did you add that shortcut? I am not aware of a super+h window hider...

But UN-hiding it can be done with the alt + esc keys.


Thanks! now i have to find a way to add this to Touchpad gestures. hopefully this can be achieved via gnome tweaks.

p.s. Jelly effect is bugged on alt+esc.

I wonder if it can be done in Touché (installed in Software).
My current settings look like this:

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I don't think this is possible in Touché, will play around with gnome tweaks and try to understand how to write custom code for it.

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I added a keyboard shortcut to Touché.
This can be done.


Not able to set alt+esc as shortcut, i think it has issue with esc key

What about changing a shortcut key?
You can do that in settings.


Yep this is what i did, changed it to alt+1. think this solves the issue. not as responsive as on windows but gets the job done.


Can you upload the screenshot of your settings in Touche?
I think this will help people looking for the solution for this issue.

Sure, so i did following to bring windows alike Minimize->Expand touchpad gestures to my Zorin:
1)Installed Touché from Software app
2)Changed "Switch window directly" keyboard shortcut to ALT+1 (Any key would work except ESC) since ESC is not supported as shortcut in Touché (Settings->Keyboard Shortcuts)

3) In Touché Global Gestures, activated 3 fingers UP as keyboard shortcut for ALT+1 and 3 Fingers down as minimize a window. (Screenshot of Touché config is bellow)


Thank you for this great write up :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I think this posting should be included in the Tutorial section :slight_smile:

Do you think you can create a thread there and post this comment?
(Please let me know if you need any help)