Uninstall zorin os from another partiton

Hello! I installed(dual boot with windows) zorin os 2 days ago and i always get a grub error saying no such device XYZ. I have to always manually start with hard disk. I want to remove it! Its in a diffrent partiton from windows. I have MBR pc.

Thank you and also suggest a fix for this error if that works i may use zorin os.

Sorry for the Delay :sweat_smile:
If you have Windows than you can use Diskpart Service from the cmd, To wipe any partition. Crystal Clear :wink:

Just Don't wipe windows or every Partition, because this will leave you with no OS (black Screen) and Then you need to Install both of them again :sweat:

Try wiping Zorin and other partitions, So, that only windows remain. You Should Remember the Size, type and number of the partition to easily guess it.
Then Reinstall Zorin :wink:


Format the partition that contains zorin. Use the erase option if in disks (live image) or complete format (slower option) in windows.

Disks will tell you what os and label are on the partitions.

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