Uninstalling preinstalled applications

I expected to read them clearly on the output. But I can understand if they weren't displayed because they are a kind of sub-service, dependency or other. Since evolution-data-server is on the output and on 54th message from zabadabadoo I read that removing it isn't recommended maybe I can remove the others and leave the ones that support evolution-data-server.

That is what it looks like. I do not use Evolution, so my familiarity with the ins-and-outs of it is pretty limited.

What I do know is that portions of Evolution is used by the desktop environment as they provided the convenient open source means to provide a service without the desktop developers needing to fork, replicate or write new code.
In this, they set the necessary Evolution packages as dependencies for the desktop.

The services may show as a service, not as the package name.

Dependencies are completely normal and the packages are quite small. If you removed the other (safe to remove) Evolution portions that you are not using, the remaining necessary dependencies can certainly be accepted as part of the desktop.

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I won't try removing them again, I tried Remove completely on a package that isn't related to evolution-data-server and it selected others as well, including ones that I didn't want to remove for safety. Then, selecting Remove it was requesting to remove anyway some others again, plus requesting to install some packages. For now I'll let Evolution services since removing them looks risky and more complicated than usual, then Calculator and Rygel that were the last ones to remove can stay, they were the least important. I never use Calculator and Rygel often starts by itself, sometimes that I check System Monitor I see it active. I think I can consider the post purpose as completed, thanks to everyone who helped me here.


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