Unknown cause of error

Good day! It's been awhile. My friend came up with this error while installing zorin.

The thing is, whatever distro he use, he keeps on having an error in installation. (Linux MInt mate, XFCE, Zorin 15.3) He use unetbootin in creating the live usb.

Laptop Acer, 4gbram, intel graphic cards.

One of error he encounters is no bootable drive "but" the one that suggested in Foss and other channels like YT doesn't work cause he can't see the EFI in his bios.

Thank you for any help with this.

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Usually means a bad drive.
I tried looking this up, as well... and came across some tips:


Good to see you back .... hope you stay awhile ....


I see from other site that it means the drive already dead. I forgot my post here. hahaaha.

Well, my schedule is pack on learning things. Also, I already wanna try to earn from home as soon as I can. Especially prices of products are increasing.


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