Unknown Installation Request

Good day, and thank you for reading my query.

For some reason, I have some software that is attempting to install itself on my computer. Every few minutes it requests again, and I am prompted to authenticate with administer password. I have no idea what this might be. Is there a way to see what is making this request, and is there a way to end the requests if I don't want the software?

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What do you see on screen when this happens?
Can you post a screenshot of it here. (use the Upload icon from the Reply box toolbar)

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Some updates require your password and as this request pops up frequently maybe Software Updater is trying to install some updates so check updates installation frequency and check to choose the least frequent possible if you don't mind much about it.

Small note: to take a screenshot, use Screenshot (Zorin Menu > Utility > Screenshot) or press stamp r sist/prt screen. Screenshots are saved on Pictures by default.

Well, now that I've asked about it, I haven't seen the notification again. If it pops up, I'll grab a shot of it and post. Thank you for taking a look and for the screenshot instructions!

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