Unusual long boot time

I might first note that it did not happen in the first place, which is unusual for my PC to do so.

Lately, I had to reinstall the Ubuntu-based Distro "Zorin OS 16" due to wrecking the EFI Partition since I wanted to dual-boot Windows 10, which meant I had to resize the EFI partition, which meant no luck before. After reinstalling, the boot time was the same again, so I had to restore my data that I made before reinstalling. I copied everything except for /etc, /usr, /boot and other directories.

Most of them had permissions for "root" user only, so after reboot, I had to recursively ch-own my user home directory. After that, the boot time took a long time.

Analyzing, it refers to the "plymouth-quit-wait.service" on what takes a long time. I searched through forums and other webpages, only to no luck. I disabled "NetworkManager-wait-online.service" and still no fast boot.

By now, I don't have any further ideas on how to make my PC boot faster. I'll leave the zip file for download, which contains the outputs from the commands "systemd-analyze".

This won't tell you much, sadly.
The Plymouth Wait Service misleadingly appears to take a long time. In actuality, the wait service must wait on all other processes to complete before you reach the desktop.
So, it will run the entire time, even though it is not causing the slow boot time.
Can you check the Boot Logs and see if anything pops out (Or use pastebin.com to relay it here).

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