Unwanted request appearing on my screen

I keep getting this unwanted request at the most inopportune times ... in fact it is a PITA ... please see pic below ... how do I get rid of it ... thanks

Do you have AutoLogin in enabled? Are you using Chrome browser and... are you using Flatpak or Snap packages?

If so, they all combine to create an insecure situation. That prompt keeps things secure.
You can get rid of it But be wared: Doing so will enable Launching without any password protection.
To get rid of the security, you must create a gaping wide open security hole.

Now that you have been warned... How to get rid of it:
Install the password manager and launch it:

sudo apt install seahorse && seahorse

In the left pane, select Passwords, then right click on "Login" or a password and select "Set as default".

The way of resolving this without creating a Security Hole:

  • Do not use auto login.
  • Install Chrome using a .deb package.
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Yup ... I'm using auto login ... will change it immediately ... as I am the only one here to use my laptop (the Mrs uses her cell phone) I felt it would be OK but will change that right now ... thanks

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