"Update list couldn't be updated." after searching for updates in the software store

Well... like I said I'm really new here and I just heard about this as just normal other software stores and saw also that there's for a part more software available compared with the pre-installed store here in Zorin OS. But it looks like there's more behind than just "other software stores" I guess...

Should I maybe uninstall Flatpak and see what happens (plus removing maybe every software which I downloaded from there maybe)?

I never use the Software Store. It has been perpetually broken for years. If it is not one problem, it is anther different problem.
For a GUI Package Manager Interface, I strongly recommend Synaptic

sudo apt install synaptic

Software Store looks simpler - this is true- but when it has trouble, that simplicity just causes problems.


I think I can skip the part here with "collecting the pubkeys to rebuild the file" since the trusted.gpg list isn't the problem here and jump directly to the other command down below, or?

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

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Yes, I would skip that for now. It's tedious so... try the easier, first.
Also, in terminal, you can run

apt list --upgradable

To see if any packages can be update.
You can run

sudo apt dist-upgrade

To upgrade (update) any packages that do not require deletion of files to be upgraded.
Or if you are agreeable to packages being upgraded even if deletion of old files is necessary (99% of the time this is safe)

sudo apt full-upgrade

Honestly, I always check for updates and do upgrading through the Reliable Terminal.

You might test in terminal if upgrades are available and run sudo apt dist-upgrade if there are any packages listed as upgradable. If it works in terminal, then that should narrow the problem down to just Gnome-Software.
If you are unable to do so in terminal with APT, then we need to troubleshoot other things. So far, your sources.list looked fine.


Good. I can say that I did that already (sudo apt update and sudo apt dist-upgrade) with no problems. I updated so far everything with the terminal with this commands. I must say that I'm not really the fan of using the terminal because I think every time that I type sooner or later something wrong and boom, system failure or something similar. That's why I gonna try to avoid for a part (but I'm also ready to use it if I have the specific commands which I need).
Then I gonna look now what happens if I reinstall the software store (or according to the command the "Gnome-Software")...

Thanks so far for the help from you and @FrenchPress.

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This is very unlikely. In fact, for new users to Linux, there are many websites all about "playing in the terminal" to build familiarity with it. :wink: Be fearless.
There is only One command for terminal I advise never be used...

rm -rf

Never use that command.
Please also see here:

The terminal is powerful, efficient and fast and it is very versatile. But like learning any new thing, it looks daunting at first.
The vast majority of actions I take, I take through terminal and I have never messed the system up doing so. The few times I have messed the system up it was while using GUI apps that are supposed to work but didn't.
Also please bear in mind that any GUI app that runs an action you would do in terminal is actually running the same commands and actions as would be done if you performed it in terminal. So IF there was an element of risk, that risk would be the same either way.

This seems to narrow it down to just the software store then.

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Ok. I gonna keep that in mind. Thanks again!
Gonna try now to reinstall the software store and make a update here if something happened.

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@Aravisian @FrenchPress

I found the error. After I reinstalled the software store, I got the message that the software must be restarted to implement the add-ons (Flatpak and SNAP probably). After that, I got still the error message. Then I had the idea to remove the support (the add-on) for Flatpak by searching GNOME Software in the software store (so searching the software store IN the software store itself) and remove the check there.

Then I tried it again and...

no error message anymore.

So it looks like that the software store doesn't like Flatpak really and caused the whole problem. At least I know now that adding the Flatpak support isn't a good idea... But hey, I learned from that now more. And now I gonna think 3 times before I use that again.


FrenchPress wasn't far off in the assessment given above, then. Note to self to remember this one.
I also never use Flatpak or Snap. In fact, when I install Zorin, removing flatpak and snapd are among my very first actions.

Glad you got it fixed. :smiley:


So you reached a similar conclusion we reached a few months ago :wink:
In our case, it was office suite (Only Office) installed in Flatpak.
It took sometime for my husband and I to understand why our network printer became inaccessible.
It turned out that because the sandboxing nature of Flatpak prevented the application to access network for security reasons :roll_eyes:
Office software without printer is completely useless....

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Thank you! I'm happy that Snap doesn't make so far any trouble (but if it does one day, then the first thing which I gonna do is removing the support from the software store). Now I gonna must find my applications (which I installed before with Flatpak) again. But that shouldn't be a problem.

Damn... looks it makes more problems than I thought. I mean security cool but not like that.
But yeah, looks like a familiar case. And I'm glad that it came to a happy end.

And again, thanks for the help!