Update on Zorin Pro as Daily Driver

I just want to say it's been over 2 years of using Zorin Pro as our daily driver and it's been great. A few minor bumps along the way but I must be happy because I'm still with it . . . every once in a while I hear my wife says " What an uncomplicated world this OS is compared to Windows, it just works without all those drivers, I love it." When she's happy, I'm happy . . .


I would second that, never will I go back to windows!


i bought a new mini pc a month ago ran windows for 5 mins to see what i was missing having run a mac for the last 16 years , well i ran it for 5 mins then shut it down and installed zorin on another ssd and have been using that since though not my daily driver yet as still learnig how to do stuff

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