Update processor for 11 gen?

Hi all and good morning all.
In my new pc i am little confuse.
My motherboard can used processor gen.11 but i have 10
On motherboard I have some info pci express 4.0 is used with processors 11 gen.
Nvme one slot also is with 4.0
Propably my configuration cpu and gpu are ok with some 10% bottleneck.
Reading changing processor not help because sending data signal transform to gpu is lower cpu>gpu

This article might help:

The conclusion is that means my new gpu is slower from my processor.
Well i don't trust to much websides and they bottleneck match.
Hello. There is no meaningful bottleneck calculator, because by definition trying to calculate something like that is pointless.
A lot of games are now changing the way they use the hardware to push the graphics card more than the processor.
Well in resolution 1920x1080 FHD it gived me 0,3% but
2560x1440 gived me 10%

Well I don't use computer for serious gaming, I use PS4 Pro for intensive gaming.

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