Update replay loop

When my Zorin started i have always the same updates in loop.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade


Aravisian ..... should this command be used occasionally to refresh sudo apt or only when something has gone wrong ?????


There are several things that could go wrong, if this was the command to be used it would be a WINNER! :wink:

The command will refresh your sources list to check for the latest versions and then upgrade all packages to them.
Your auto updater will perform the same function on occasion.

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OK thanks .... I got to thinking it would be nice to have a list of commands and appx how often to use them that would be good to do housekeeping functions from the terminal .... is that possible ????? ... especially good for us newbies as you old hands already know when to refresh ... update and clean-up using the terminal ....

I know there is a list of terminal commands that you so graciously provided but I didn't see anything that said you should do this command .... daily .... weekly .... monthly etc. .... I can go weeks without refreshing anything ....

Just a thought .... LOL

Maybe once a week, you can run

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

Just be sure to read the terminal output on autoremove
Most often, it is fine. But on occasion, it will try to remove something you do not want removed, but had not realized wasn't set as manually installed.

Other than that... not much, really. A user can run significant periods of time without opening the terminal if they want to.


Yes I ran that this morning and I was sure to see what was to be deleted ....

That's the ticket and what I needed to know .... thanks

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Yes, Zorin OS seems to have almost everything covered.

I just do not understand why anyone would want to. :grin:
But I may be biased by the zsh I am running with add-ons that makes the terminal a pure joy to use.

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I don't intend on going very long with out using the terminal ... cause now "I ain't scared anymore" .... not so sure if that is a good thing or not .... at least from you folk's perspective .... I did find out that it can be very friendly if you foul up .... like "you can't do that try this instead" .... and actually gives you the command .... or "do you mean this" ....

Of course not every time .... sometimes it will just do what you told it to do and lets you suffer the consequences .... LOL

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This is very well worded. :grin: The best description I have seen of the terminal.

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