Update to a new Kernel

Hi to all,
if i start the update to a newer kernel, offered by zorin over the auto update,
it stucks anytime; i attached a screenshot during the process.
Any idea why the update not run in one step?
After i doing a restart, the System shows me the update window again and show me to remove the older kernel, after that i have to restart again and everything is


That's great to hear, glad it worked out for you.

So, does this mean your issue is resolved with a system reboot after allowing the native updater tool to remove leftover dependency/kernel modules/files from the kernel you replaced?

I am pretty sure the behaviour and actions you described are typically what users should expect when a kernel update is pushed and made available for updates.

If your issue is resolved, can you please mark your post as the solution so that future readers may easily determine what caused your particular issue (and maybe theirs...)? This helps readers to quickly identify what about this topic might interest or help them understand their system better.

Normally it runs in one step and not in two steps with two restarts; this phenomenon exists with the beginning of Zorin OS 17 and its not resolved!
Any idea?

Is your software sources for update set to Main Server or your country server?

It's set to "user defined server"

Ah! You mean 'Custom Server' - change this to Main Server, it might work better for you.

O.K., i changed it and give it a try!

Is this the first Time that this happened?

No, it's the third time, if i remember correctly.

it's just housekeeping to clean some space :slight_smile:

My experience since Z16 Core, software updater updates the kernel then asks for reboot. Then software updater asks if you want to remove oldest kernel.
I normally skip that step untill I'm fully happy with the new kernel. I assume that is the two steps you are describing, if not shout.

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It seems that there is an misunderstanding; the process during the update stucks in a loop and will not finished.
After a while there is no changing, always in a loop.
So i have to restart the machine, but before i 'm asked if ireally want to do that, because the is a process running in the background, which you have to confirm with the sudo password to interrupt the process and then the machine restarts.

Ah! I understand. I thought it will run normally and You have simply a Reboot more. Okay. Now I understand You Screenshot. For me it looks like that there are some
Problem with 2 Files. One is:

/usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Passthrough.pm (there in Line 237)

And the other is:

/usr/share/perl5/Debconf/DbDriver/Stack.pm (there in Line 111)

I looked in my Files and the Lines look like that:

Line 237: if ($ret eq "0") {

Line 111: debug "db $this->{name}" => "trying to $command($item @_) ..";

You could control if the Lines look like this.

the lines looks like yours...

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