Updated Zorin 16 Base, External Monitor No Longer Detected

working with the 5.11.0-27 kernel worked for me

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Thanks for the great info! I tried the Nouveau driver, and although it recognized the external monitor, the rendering became unusably sluggish unfortunatley.

I'll give the previous kernel a shot, I'm sure that'll solve it. Thanks for the quick response!

If updating the OS, messes with the Nvidia driver, then the first thing I would do, is re-install my Nvidia drivers.

CTRL - ALT - F2 to enter terminal.

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-470

NOTE, if your notebook is older, basically a machine that is 5-years old, install the Nvidia 430 driver instead. If your computer is much much older, like 10-years old, use the Nvidia 390 driver.

Additionally, if your computer is indeed much newer, like say a computer from 2020, but the 470 driver doesn't work, install the 460 driver instead.

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Why not install the nvidia driver from the nvidia website ? It worked for me.

@skrhee, did you disable secure boot in the bios ?

nvidia driver was installed already and yes secure boot is disabled

I think your issue is related to this recent bug:

I am currently reverted back to -27 kernel and pinned it till the fix comes.

oh yes we've talked about it earlier in the thread, the kernel change definitely works

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People on the linux mint forum also report issues with this kernel, weird that i am not affected lol.

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I think it only affects NVidia users.

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I am a nvidia user. Gtx 1070 8gb in my acer laptop.

and you are using 5.11.0-34 kernel without any issue?

That is correct, after kernel update i only had to reinstall my nvidia driver from the nvidia site. Running the 5.11.0-34 kernel since it popped up as update.

That is one thing I did not try.

I just rolled back to -27 and decided to wait for next kernel update.

I wonder which one is easier for beginners - roll back to previous kernel or install NVidia driver manually.

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I am new to linux as well, i managed to do it.

You are very advanced beginner :slight_smile:
I am thinking of someone like my daughter-in-law who almost exclusively uses GUI.

I did learn years ago with mint 17.x, after that i returned to windows 10 because of the games i played.

Since i used mint i was always like...someday linux will be my os to run. Because it can be heavy customized and respects the privacy of its users.

I tried elemantory os in 2016, didnt like it.

A month ago i saw good reviews about zorin os 16, decided to give it a chance and pfffff i felt in love with it. In the days i tested linux mint 17 i tried zorin as well, but i had alot issues with it 8 years ago. Now its super stable and i didnt encouter the freezing issues i had back then with mint 17.x and zorin.

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So as my daughter-in-law :slight_smile:
She could not stand it so I had to replace it with Peppermint OS for her old netbook. It seems either one likes Elementary or dislikes it ...nothing in-between.

Anyway, you sound as proficient as myself if not more in Linux.

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The weird thing is, i always keep comming back to (or thinking about) linux because i want to learn how things works and i want to get rid of windows :sunglasses:. The only thing why i still have windows in dual boot is because i need to sort out how i get some games to work under linux.

Since i got a daughter (baby) 1 month ago i dont even have time to game, i keep booting in zorin anyway haha.

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Ah, proud happy father :baby:

Linux is a great OS to experiment with.
One great advantage is that we can install/uninstall/reinstall it as many times as we want without bothering with activation with M$.

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