Updating Zorin

I have ISO it is possible to mount image in linux virtual cd then I can choose that from update settings?
I reading some post on this topic and some sayed yes and no.
When i put my live usb Zorin pro and trying installing there is no choice update Zorin to Zorin Pro. So there is possible but this is more complicated using chroot permission.

On photo are 3 options. First installation Zorin near another operating system. Second Clear installation. Third another way.

Iso can be writed on DVD? On the picture ISO Image is 4.9GB

Here is something apt-cdrom.

I repair my question. I have installed Zorin 16 Lite can i update to Zorin 16 ProLite?

What I was referring to is a sideways upgrade by opening Software & Updates and enabling the CDROM:ZorinOS
then installing the premium packages from the disk as a repository.

If you have Pro, this comes with Installation Support - so why not just ask the ZorinGroup directly?

Just a side note. Discussion came up on a different forum (I think) about Cloud Flare being 'backdoor' spyware in much the same as Google DNS (the latter being the one I currently use via the Router).
There are independent DNS providers that are supposed to work but normally they only provide one DNS and not a secondary so choosing a primary with another primary as the secondary DNSl isn't stable/workable.

Small changes can creating big diffrents.
Ok I can asked them.

Hello all. Today I was on main page Zorin.
Interesting what I reading there I can update my linux xfce to linux PRO.

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That sounds great...I would also like to see the direct distro version upgrade feature to come this year as well.

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