Upgrade breaks PlayOnLinux for 32 bit wine apps

I performed the upgrade from 16 to 17 today, and now I my 32 bit Windows apps are broken in PlayOnLinux. There is only 64 bit Wine support! I've downloaded Wine 7.16 32 bit through the POL wine manager but it won't let me select anything other than System in configuring the app. Any suggestions?


dpkg --print-foreign-architectures

show i386?

Sorry for the delay...

Have you tested using Wine on the X Desktop instead of Wayland?
From GDM Login Screen, click the gear icon and select Zorin Desktop on X
If you do not see the gear icon, try selecting as if logging in on another user, then select the gear icon, then login in using your normal user account.

Well... I uninstalled PlayOnLinux and reinstalled it. Then I reinstalled the app, and it works. There might be another factor involved since I tried a variety of things (installing the app via the native Zorin wine support - didn't work; installing wine 7.16 x86, didn't work. Then uninstalled PlayOnLinux and reinstalled, and it worked). Since it is now working I didn't try the X Desktop approach.

Anyway, thanks for the responses. Maybe this will help someone else with a similar problem.

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