Upgrade from 15 to 17

Is it possible to upgrade direct from Zorin 15 to Zorin 17? Or do I need to go thru 16 first?

Short answer, we don't know yet. Once the upgrade tool is released, you will for sure be able to upgrade from 16 to 17, but there may be additional instructions for upgrading from 15 directly. Keep an eye on the forums or subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when this happens.

Follow up questions:

  1. So there's no way to upgrade from 16 to 17 yet?
  2. The only way to get 17 is to download and clean install?
  3. I assume it would be better to wait for the upgrade tool so I'm not paying for 16 then again for 17?

All users must upgrade to the next available release. If a user wishes to directly upgrade from Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 17, they must upgrade to Zorin OS 16 first in order to set the recognizable sources.

While waiting for the Zorin Upgrader to be outfitted for Zorin OS 17, users of Zorin OS 15 can use that time to upgrade to Zorin OS 16 directly and examine and familairize themselves with it, which could be beneficial since moving from 15 to 17 directly is a bit of a jump in user experience.

Zorin OS 15 (Ultimate) Pro Users do not need to purchase Zorin OS 16 Pro in order to upgrade to Zorin OS 17 Pro.
Instead, use the upgrader to upgrade to Zorin OS 16 Core. Once that is in place, you can use the Zorin Upgrader to select Zorin 17 Pro once the upgrader is vetted for use with Zorin OS 17.

I am a fan of Clean Installs, myself.
Going from 15 to 17, there may be several packages no longer maintained or changed drastically that will make the direct upgrade tricky for the automated upgrader (this is one good reason for moving to the next available version a step at a time).

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awesome. Thanks homie!

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