Upgrade from 16-17 Zorin

In the future how would I back up and save all my information on Zorin OS 16 pro desktop and then upgrade to Zorin OS 17 pro (when it comes out) but keeping everything I backed up.

The Zorin Direct Upgrade option may be released by then. Otherwise, you can compress and save your Personal files.
Moving from Zorin OS 16 to 17 means you cannot transfer your added repositories or installed programs. You must reinstall those fresh, if not using the Direct Upgrade.
If using the Direct Upgrade, your installations from Zorin OS 16 may no longer work if the maintainer for that software does not have a release file for Jammy Jellyfish.
But... Zorin OS 17 is a bit of a ways away yet.
Zorin OS 16 was only recently released.

Another very useful tool is the Backup feature, which is already installed I believe. We have used it to backup and restore all of our Zorin programs and files to their original places. It has even saved passwords, settings in programs, and more! It’s a huge time/life saver. :raised_hands:


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