Upgrade from zorin 15 to 16 (ultimate)

You can use terminal command

sudo apt list --installed

to print all installed applications.

You can back up your ~/.local and ~/.config directories regularly to save your configurations and settings.

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and how can I save that list as document?

You can copy and paste it to a new text file and save as .txt

Or if you prefer to do all from terminal:

sudo apt list --installed > installed-list.txt


sudo apt list --installed | tee ~/installed-list.txt

will also work.
The examples above will save to your home folder, but you can modify the command to save it to whatever directory you want. For example if in ~/Documents:

sudo apt list --installed | tee ~/Documents/installed-list.txt

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We are planning to introduce a direct upgrade path from Zorin OS 15 to 16 without the need to do a clean re-installation.

However, please note that we will make this option available a number of months after the initial release of Zorin OS 16, after a thorough testing period has been completed. As a result, if you wish to upgrade from Zorin OS 15.3 as soon as Zorin OS 16 is initially released, you will need to do a clean install.


I understand. but will this upgrade be available for ultimate too?

Yes, you'll be able to do a direct upgrade from Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate to the paid-for edition of Zorin OS 16 at a discounted rate when this upgrade option will be available.


even at full price I would see this as a win :slight_smile: can't wait till it's ready. thanks you


So I'm currently an existing customer of Zorin OS 15 Ultimate, where should I go to buy the upgrade from 15 to 16 at discount price? Please kindly assist.

Thank you!

I want to install zorin 16 right now as I don't want to wait for the direct upgrade tool. Will I be able to buy ultimate and upgrade my system without doing a fresh install using the tool? I don't want to split my disk into swap, / and /home..

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you don't want to do a direct upgrade but want to upgrade without doing a fresh install?!?

I believe Luka asked if they could buy Pro now, but not install it until the Direct Upgrade Option is made available. it is a good question, really. And many people may wonder the same.

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Hello, do we have an estimated timeline for this? It's been a couple of months already

Please at least give us a time frame, I can't wait to upgrade to zorin 16

Yeah that would be awesome if we can have an upgrade tool.
I have Zorin 15 and cannot use Radeon RX 6900 XT.
I am able to use it in Ubuntu 20.04

I already purchased the new version of Zorin 16 Pro OS

I REALLY DO NOT want to have to reinstall every single program I have installed for the last 2.5 years.


There is a certain risk of installed programs not having a Focal Release.

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what's the "fix" in such case? and how does this really affect the software, does it delete it from the system or what?

In Ubuntu, the direct Upgrade software quarantines your Sources. It then adds all the Sources for the next release for Ubuntu. It does not add the next release sources for your previously added repositories - which are now caput.
You will have to re-add those repos once the direct upgrade is done.
Any software you have that has a release for the next version up will be upgraded to that release.
But if it does not, that software may be broken and the O.S. does not have the intelligence to know, nor to know which is which. They remain.

The user must be aware and ready to investigate their software. It isn't particularly difficult to check if there is a release file in that repository.
But it does take some work.

For users that have the idea that a Direct Upgrade is a very easy, no worries, no effort involved process - they are likely Doomed For Disappointment.

It is a tedious process that can take several hours as opposed to a regular Zorin OS installation that can be done in 30-45 minutes.
You must stand at the ready to click yes or no on prompts- so, you cannot just walk away and come back when it is finished.
You must re-apply all your user-added repositories.
You must check your software once the Upgrade is complete.
You may need to hunt down new drivers or you may need to replace any software that broke.
Finally, it's a risky move on how the Direct Upgrade software replaces the sources. I once had it mangle it and the whole thing self-destructed upon completion.

It's not the function that I think a lot of people imagine that it is.
My recommendation is: Unless you have had a particularly troublesome software installation that required extensive configuration in Root - Direct Upgrade is not worth it. Go for the fresh installation and enjoy fewer problems.
And even if you had a tricky root install you would prefer to avoid doing again... Direct Upgrade is no guarantee that you won't have to redo it.


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