Upgrade Question

Hello! Is there a way to upgrade Zorin from 16 to 17 without having to back up all data, wiping the drive, and reinstalling?
While I'm at it, will this upgrade fix the runtime environments that are out of date in my installation?

There's an upgrade tool in Zorin OS - you can use that to upgrade to 17. But it's always a good idea backup stuff before upgrading any system in any case.

I've read about this tool, but where do I find it?

I don't know which layout you use, but if you use the default. there's a search box. Try with words like "zorin" or "upgrade"

Got it! Thank you!

Marked solution.


Newbie question: on Zorin support page it says that starting from version 15 there is provided upgrade tool to upgrade Zorin to a newer version. But there is also a warning that says we must re-install the system when upgrading to a newer version.

So, can you please clerify: can we upgrade Zorin (for example from 17 to 18 in future) using the tool without re-installing and without losing our data (like configs, browser sessions, etc)? Thanks :slight_smile:

Reinstalling should not be in the case, if you're using the upgrading tool. Though I strongly advise to backup in any case. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Yes, of course, my question was from a technical point.

Which system folders do I have to backup so that I can revert back system if something goes wrong?

My personal files are on separate HDD (and I have 2 offsite backups).

Thank you for the fast answer

Then you have to look at the hidden files in your home directory ~/.config eventually ~/.local ~/.var (maybe more?) there you'll find settings/config files of the apps you use and the set up of your desktop in appearance.

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