Upgrade to Z17 broke my app grid

So as shown in the image above, some of the folders are mostly empty that were full previously. I upgraded to ZorinOS 17 and about a third of my installed apps do not have an icon in the app grid, but when I search for them I can find them instantly. Is there anything I can try to fix this?

If you go into the folders that have 9 icons in them, do they have more apps than that? Is it possible they got put into the full folders and there's more than the overview like that is showing?

Also what apps specifically do not have any icons? It's weird that it would delete icons.

Do you have the missing App's in the Dock or Plank at the Bottom? If Yes it could be that the Apps are not in the App Grid because of Gnome. When you are in the App Grid with the normal Gnome Dock at the Bottom and You take a Program to add it at the Gnome Dock it disappears form the App Overview.

That is the very first thing I tried. Also the missing apps are a combination of native .deb packages and flatpaks it isn't a particular format that is missing

edit: It did not delete icons, there is just no entries in the app grid for a lot of my apps. But when I search for it in that gnome search I find it instantly.

That appears to be the case. But can I turn this off in any way?

Good Question ... To be honest I don't know. Maybe You could try to do it with a Gnome Extension. There would be V-Shell with that You have some Adjustment Posibilities. I never used it because I don't need it but maybe it could help You.

Hello Again!

I have found a Gnome Extension that could help. It is called Favourites in App Grid. And it works. I marked the Apps with Circles:

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