Upgrade to Zorin 17 | No Upgrade Available

Hi, I've checked my installation of Zorin 16.3 for an OS upgrade, and I receive an No Upgrade Available yet you can freely download the Zorin OS 17 ISO. Is the in-place upgrade still pending?

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Currently the in-place upgrade from Zorin OS 16 to Zorin OS 17 is still in testing and repository compatibility and not yet officially released.

I think there are a lot of eager people waiting in line. :wink:


Yes , eagerly waiting. :face_with_monocle:

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I believe this to be fact. Waiting to purchase 17. Will as soon as the upgrade feature is operational and working. Wonder which will happen first, Upgrade or Lite...

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Another one in line..... Will this upgrade from the latest 16 to 17 have integrated the payment gateway ? I've had zorin since 14 and I never had upgraded, before 16 it was manual anyway, but I could not wait for 16 and I re-installed everything. This time I have invested so much in personalization of Thunderbird and other apps, that re-installing is not an option.... so I am stuck waiting. Hope its out soon.

Yes, it will.

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Thanks for your answer

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