Upgrading to paid version from CORE

Hi everyone,

Lets say I install the CORE version right now and I upgrade to PRO later, is that something that is possible without having to reinstall everything?


Fairly certain that at this time that's not a possible upgrade. In addition core and pro aren't too different besides some of the bundled software and some additional desktop layouts. The Devs may make a change in the future to allow core to pro upgradability but I do believe that at this time a clean wipe and install are required.

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Do we/you know how to potentially track that change by chance? I understand one of the only differences is in layout options... which is all I really want. Am happy to pay for that change, but not if I have to reinstall. Different apps or installation help is not so necessary when core is already installed, but getting the conveniently working layout options is harder and a nice feature.

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