Upgrading Zorin

Now being new this is just a general question, just because I have never done this. When Zorin 17 comes out in 3 years or so, does the Software Updater take care of the upgrade? I know for some users of Zorin this may be a stupid question, however, if you have never experienced it, would just like to know.
Thank You

Yes, the devs say it will be very straightforward

Just like ubuntu, there should a notification that new update is released, and when you agree to it it will download and update it..

Zorin 17 will be a new OS. There's no upgrade option yet for 15 to 16 so you cannot assume there will be an automatic upgrade from 16 to 17 by running the software updater.
There may be something in the future but for now it is still speculation.

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That's what I thought though I can't confirm since according to the first reply devs say it. But as far as I remember, when this was asked before, you still can't upgrade from one version to another without clean install.

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