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Hey Guys, I just installed Zorin OS 16 Core and got this error. Please help!!!OnPaste.20211205-175045

I had a similar Error yesterday cause i had to do a clean install it might be cause you Need to update your system because after i updated my system the error disappeared and didn't come back so try this ,

Open terminal
Sudo apt Update
and if there are updates
Sudo apt upgrade


Open software centre and see if there update from there

Worked for me Might not work for you but give it a try


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Thanks for trying to help other members!
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Did you install updates during the installation process?

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Yes, I installed all the updates while installation but fortunately this error have been disappeared by now. I will let you know if this error pops up again.
Thanks for your concern.


Thanks Sir, My issue have been resolved. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate your help. And welcome to Zorin Forum. Have a nice stay :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thanks for this update :slight_smile:
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Thank you very much...


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