USB and Bluetooth Dead at Boot

After updating software this past week, Zorin boots without USB or Bluetooth support. My keyboard and mouse are not active so I can't get past the login screen. My pc does not have a keyboard or mouse port and I do not have a touchscreen so I have no way of turning these services on. I have re-installed Zorin 16 Pro but the problem persists. When I boot into Windows, usb and BT are fine so it's not a hardware issue. Any advice appreciated.

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Some computers have USB support in The BIOS settings. Have you checked that it is enabled in BIOS?

Thanks for responding. The BIOS was the first thing I checked and both BT and USB are turned on.

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I guess roll-back to previous kernel to test may be a good idea. i.e. boot with "Zorin Additional Options" and choose previous kernel.


Turns out that a software update to the 5.13 kernel was the culprit. Booting back to 5.11 resolved the issue. If anyone had the problem and resolved it while staying on 5.13 I would appreciate knowing how you did it.

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