USB-stick problems

Hello, I have a problem with my USB stick in Zorin. I can't save/change anything on the stick.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-05-11 16-14-23

I also cannot delete files that I have copied from the stick.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-05-11 16-16-00

This is the stick.

How can I make the Stick work correctly and how can I be able to delete the data I copied?
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On your first Picture stands that the Filesystem is only readable. Is Your Stick some kind of secured?

On the 2nd Picture stands taht You don't have the Access Rights to delete it. If You want to delete Data You could try it over the Terminal with a sudo Command.

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the Data deleted itself somehow.

To the stick:

The stick is actually just an SD card in an SD card to USB adapter. Don't know if that's important.

The stick came with my 3D printer. On the stick there are the configuration files for my printer and the files that I want to print.
In Windows writing to the stick works. (But I don't want to use Windows anymore)

Did You controled the SD Card? Because on SD Card's is on the Side a little Switch. With that You can lock the Card and so You can't write on them, only read.

No, it has no switch.

SD card Lock Switch see: How to Unlock a Write Protected SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card

assuming it is a full size SD card.


Is it a normal SD Card or such a small micro SD? The small Ones doesn't have that.

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It is a micro SD card.

Hmm ... I would know something that You could try, but ... there are 2 Problems with:

  1. It would delete all of the Data on the micro SD Card
  2. It is a Windows Way (diskpart), so You need to make it in Windows

To make it in windows is no Problem.
But that it delts all Data is a huge Problem, because on the stick there are preconfigured data for my 3D printer. So I need this data so that the Printer can use the other files.

I could maybe make a copy of it and then put it later back on the stick.

But if this solve the problem I would then like to know how it works.

Would the simplest solution be to buy a new usb thumb drive?


I think it would be a good Solution to copy the Data to another USB Stick first and test if it runs and then delete it from the Card.

I wrote here a little pictured Guide. But I will say it again: It delets all of the Data on Your Device! I hope this will help:

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Thanks, but by copying the data, I have a problem.
It says the data I want to copy is to long (its name, but I am not sure, if that would change its behavior). But this is exactly the one data that is important.

Do you maybe have an other idea what I can do?

Hmm ... I think the Problem of the Filename are the Symbols after ''USBC''. I would say Windows don't like that. Did You tried if You can copy the Files on Zorin? Maybe it can handle this better.

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no in Zorin it also dont work
But the reason why it dont work is different
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-05-16 17-08-33
also in Zorin the name of the data is diffrent than in Windows.

I dont know, is there not just a console command or so that changes the permissions of the stick?

It could exist. But to be honest I have no Idea what Command or Commands are need for this. Maybe a more experienced User like @zenzen or @swarfendor437 could give a helpful Advice for this.

The only Thing what I would think form the Zorin Error Message that maybe the File is broken.

I think I would go for @swarfendor437's approach on this one: copy the contents of the drive to Windows and either format the SD Card or use a new one. SD Cards are notoriously unreliable and wear off rather quickly, and while I can't be sure of it those last few error messages on both operating systems seem to point to something wrong with it. The filename is another indicator that something may be wrong with the SD Card, as it suddenly cannot read it out correctly anymore (notice the names are different on the error messages shown on each OS).

Before you try anything else, to prevent further unnecessary reads/writes, are you sure you can't just download the configuration files you need from the printer manufacturer's website? That would probably safe you the headache. And if possible, use an USB instead of an SD Card if the 3D printer supports it.

no the printer only supports sd cards (but it can be connected to pc directly via a usb cable). And all the Files needed for the Printer are all on the stick. It has a Webside but I am not sure how I would configure the firmware. In the manuel is written: "if the configuration file is lost the firmware needs to be configured manuelly", but I dont know how I do this.

I have done a little bit Research on this. So what they mean is, that every printer varies (so you can change for example the height of the plate or the size of the nozzle) and they have configured the file so that it matches the printer. The file on ther webside is "raw" and every value has to be set manuelly. They also written that this should be done by a proffesional.