Usb wifi not working

Am using Zorin 17 lite -xfce on an older HP 8570. Zorin was not able to make my existing wifi adapter working because, as I discovered, it needs access to uefi/bios. I no longer have a password for that. So I am trying to make use of a usb wifi adapter, 802.11ac. When I do plug it in, it discovers the networks, asks me to enter the password. Then it says, 'disconnected', but the password is correct. Also, when I ping it with, it does it with no problem. So why doesn't the adapter get me online? Is it a driver issue? It connects with no problem under windows 11, and autoinstalls the driver as soon I plug it in. Puzzling...
Thanks in advance for your help.

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It could be a Driver Thing. You could check in Software & Updates in the Driver Tab if there are Drivers found to install. To find Software & Updates, You can go in the App Grid (press 2 Times the Super Key) or You start the Software Updater and click there on Settings or start the Gnome Software Center, click there on the Menu (the 3 Lines beneath the Minimize/Maximize/Close Buttons) and choose the Option Software Sources.