Using Bluetooth keyboard across all OSes and refind-efi, possible?

I recently got the Apple Magic keyboard that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.

I’m running a setup where I have one SSD with Windows 11, one SSD with Zorin OS Core 16 and then rEFInd as the bootloader, installed onto the Zorin SSD.

The keyboard work as expected in both Windows 11 and Zorin. However, whenever I switch OS I need to re-pair the keyboard. But I found this post that potentially could help me come around that by sharing the pair keys across both Windows and Linux.

The other problem is that the keyboard doesn’t work in rEFInd. I guess Bluetooth is not active during the bootloader. I found mkinitcpio-bluetooth but I have no idea if that will work. And even if I got it working, how would I prevent rEFInd from breaking the pairing of the keyboard in Windows or Zorin?

Are there alternatives for being able to choose OS when booting and use a Bluetooth keyboard? Would using the Zorin EFI for example be possible with Bluetooth and would that be based on the keys I setup for the OS?

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