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Hope someone will stay on this with me because I have a list of things here :man_facepalming:
I use Zorin OS 16Lite. I truly appreciate that a newbie like me gets help from you. Image links:

1- Can I increase Edge's scrollbar width?
On Windows, you would have the regs where you would define it and it will have an effect in Chromium browsers. I know about editing the gtk.css but it has a lot of line codes and wasn't able to find the afferent one for scrollbars. I did edit that file and made some changes to the scrollbar's width which had an effect in Zorin but not in Edge, it seems it's different from Windows.

2- Move the bottom bar Edge tabs on the second screen monitor (like in Windows):
In Windows when you use dual monitor, when you move a tab on the second monitor, it will also move it on the panel. Here in Zorin, even if for example Edge is on the second monitor, it's still displayed on the first one:

3- On Windows, once I would set up my programs, find the final state of the setups, I would make a clone of the system on a HDD and if it would break, then I would have just install that image and everything was working. I was using it mainly for fatal system crash, just like I would have gone back in time. There was a program called DeepFreeze which was doing the same thing for Windows. Is there anything like that in ZorinOS, to freeze my OS now exactly how it is and just restore it if an update goes wrong or something?

4- Why does it have 2 title bars, one blue and one black.
Black -> text editor, Blue -> OpenOffice. Can I just have one color and title bar, the one from the text editor's?

5- Copy-paste in Online Accounts. I am using Google drive in Online Account and each time I copy paste something from it on Desktop, the whole name of the file/folder changes on Desktop. In that screenshot, the name of the file in Google Drive is test.txt but once I paste it on my Desktop, it becames that long characters name. Not sure if it affects the functinality of the files yet.

6- Desktop icons. If I make shortcuts to apps, their icons are fine as long as they are on Desktop. Once I move them into a folder that resides on the Desktop, it becomes what's visible in the screenshot, a white icon. Can I have nice icons just like they are on Desktop, in the folder?

7- Can I make any newly installed app automatically have a desktop shortcut? Just like in Android, when you install an app, you would just go and find it on the screen.

8- Change this black selected icon. When I select a desktop icon, it becomes black and ugly, including the text. Can you let me know what do I need to change in gtk.css to have it nice, as in Windows when it's selected? I am using the Zorin Blue Dark theme btw.

9- Do you know any program that automatically hides the cursor when typing?
On Windows I was using AutoHideMouseCursor_x64.
Wasn't able to find something similar in Linux.

10- Scrolling speed: since I moved to ZorinOS I noticed a change in scrolling distance, in browsers. I have to use the mouse middle scroll button and make quite a few complete rounds to be able to scroll in the same spot Windows would take me with 1-2 scrolls tops. Hope it's clear enough. Can I change that somewhere? Wasn't able to find it in Settings.

Thanks in advance for any help that I'd get :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

do you use zorin os core or lite? for 9. and 10. I can help you if you use lite

I use Zorin OS 16Lite.

for hiding the cursor when there's input from the keyboard, run these 3 commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minos-archive/main
sudo apt install xbanish
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:minos-archive/main

then open session and startup app>application autostart>create a new should look like this...
then voila!

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Because Gnome removed window-managed titlebars, whereas XFCE did not. This means that any Gnome Applications that are installed on your XFCE system will lack titlebars. You can fix this with

sudo apt install gtk3-nocsd

You can define the icon to call upon in the applications .desktop file.
You can find the .desktop files in either ~/.local/share/applications or /usr/share/applications. Open the .desktop file with a textfile; the ICON line is clearly marked a net search on this should give you in-depth information.

Yes, on Zorin OS Lite you can add items and applications to the desktop. You can often right click the item in the app menu and then select "Add To Desktop".
You can also mimic the Activities Overview with the XFDashboard application by installing it.

In Edge Settings > Appearance, select the option to use GTK+ instead of "Use Classic".
If this does not work, it is due to M.S. Edge using its own .css. This is common in browsers... in which case a Chrome Extension like Modern Scroll may be the way to go.

Right click the titlebar and select which workspace you wish to move the window to.
Please remember that while you can get some familiarity of Windows... You are now using Linux, not Windows.


Thanks all for the information. I will buy Zorin and start learning Linux.
I used the lite version to test because I thought it would help me overall when I work in graphics and stuff, but would be wrong to assume that? If I get a new laptop, what do you recommend, the lite or the Pro version, just from machine's resources point of view speaking?

Would the PRO version be able to recognize and use more resources if the machine is powerful or the lite one would be suited to work in graphics and web dev so that the system consumes fewer resources? In other words maybe, if I get a powerful machine is there a difference in the speed with which programs run depending on which Zorin version I install (lite or normal-free/pro)?

I know in Windows you have x32 and 64 system and everybody recommended me 64 because it will be able to recognize all the machine's resources, is that the same with Zorin Lite/Pro or in this case it doesn't matter?

Right now I use Lite and I love how I configured it, if I change my machine and install the PRO version there, I won't be able to migrate all this current setup, I would just have to redo it again, right?

Thanks again guys.

The Pro version comes with many more applications installed by default and various extra layouts to setup your desktop interface.

Note that lite is just another DE than the core. There's a Pro version of core and one for lite.

Lite uses XCFE as DE where core uses Gnome.

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With a powerful machine, you probably won't notice a difference.

I prefer and use Zorin OS Lite. No matter the machine.

You would be able to import some of your settings and Configurations if you moved to Pro Lite, but not if you moved to Pro (Gnome). You would need to set up and learn how to use the Gnome D.E., which has some differences.
You might use LiveUSB to actively test Core and Lite Both... compare them and find what works best for you.

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I am still waiting for answers for the other points, thanks!

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I would consider this a Discussion, more than a Help Topic.

@gigis does this work to you?
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Your solution worked like a charm, thanks! Yes, I am Italian :slight_smile:

good to hear that!! (I'm italian too :wink: but we're like 3 italians in this forum :frowning: )

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Thanks for you patience guys, unfortunately due to the lack of time I cannot answer here as often as I'd want to. Coming with a quick update for the dual monitor question, I figured it out to have the exact same behavior as on Windows, after tweaking the panel.

So, for who's interested for the same dual monitor extended option as in Windows, for the windows to behave the same, add 2 panels and this exact config, Panel 0:
Panel 1:

Not gonna go again into details on what exactly that does, but if you came from Windows working with dual monitor -> extended and having Chromium tabs opened on both monitors, that panel config will get you the same result.

If it's needed I can paste it into a new topic for search results, for people to find the particular answer faster.

One urgent question remains for now, #5 from above. The one with pasting elements from Online Accounts -> Google Drive:
Not only that it changes the folder/file's name, that would not be such a big problem, but it totally alters the file's properties that it's not even recognized anymore once it's pasted on Desktop. For example, there's a WordPress plugin in there in Online Accounts -> Google Drive, I paste it on my Desktop and it changes its name to dsfgdfgdfgjkmcmdcsdcd but it's still a ZIP. But that's not recognized as a ZIP. On the opposite, if I simply go to the browser -> G Drive, download it from there, it is saved fine on Desktop and recognized as a ZIP.
Man, that's freakin annoying so if someone has an answer, TIA.

Can you please phrase and ask this question in a new thread in the General Help Forum?

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