Veracrypt app "No Response" when double click or right click open

Zorin Core 16.2 (My version)
I'm new to linux.

Simply said like the title
"Veracrypt app "No Response" when double click or right click open."

For more details...

I downloaded Veracrypt from their official website. I got the .DEB version
since the tarbz or other app stuff install method such as wget and mkdir can cause a huge problem later where you can't even update that I had to reinstall the entire os and install everything all over from scratch and set every single options for softwares.

In my experience, if you can't install through Terminal or Synaptic because the software is not there, the next best choice is using the .DEB and install with GDebi.

I used Synaptic to install and it shows that I need 2 dependencies which was
named something as
I downloaded these 2 then installed the .DEB version of Veracrypt.

veracrypt-1.25.9-Ubuntu-22.04-amd64.deb (This file.)

Since Zorin OS 16.2 has Ubuntu 22.04 it can't install Ubuntu 23.04 version I guess.

Installation complete.
I searched and it was there. Added on desktop.

Double click or right click open, non of them works. Absolutely no response.

I remember doing a update and upgrade right before and I did had a weird
"broken" whatever message afterwards. But I ignored it thinking I was tired of linux giving me multiple problems when I was trying to solve a single problem.

Now I can't find that notification. I don't think that would be the reason because
other softwares work just fine. If I can't figure out what's the problem probably
my only option is to use the tarbz thing but I'm worried I might have to reinstall the os if something goes wrong.

I'm guessing the mkdir and wget terminal method is actually changing the
update upgrade url location as well. So I have to change the mkdir wget location back to the main repository update upgrade location ? Linux sure requires lot of imagination.

I was following the latest WINE version install method on
and this made me unable to update upgrade anything. I had to reinstall the os.

sudo mkdir -pm755 /etc/apt/keyrings
sudo wget -0 /etc/apt/keyrings/winehq-archive.key

sudo apt install wget

lsb_release -cs

sudo wget -NP /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu/dists/jammy

sudo apt update

sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, not 22.04.
You ran into the dependency issue because you were installing a .deb package that is for a different version.
You should be able to easily resolve this by removing VeraCrypt completely, then installing the version for Ubuntu 20.04.

The mkdir command only creates a directory. It cannot and does not affect how upgrades are performed.
The wget command is a web-get command and it will retrieve a package, file or directory from the web based on the source you name after using the wget prefix.

Here, again, you are using the Jammy Jellyfish (Ubuntu 22.04) repository instead of the Focal Fossa (Ubuntu 20.04) repository. This will not work.

You will need to go into your sources and remove the Jammy Wine Repo. Launch Software & Updates and move to the "Other" tab. From here, scroll through the list to the WINE repository entry. Click on it to select it, then click the Remove button on the bottom toolbar.

Here is the web-get for Focal (you have already added the keyring):

sudo wget -NP /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

Thank you !
Sorry that I've been really late. I was really really busy.
The 20.04 and 22.04 looks really similar numbers so I guess I got confused.

Nice details. Now I know what it all meant.
mkdir = make directory
wget = web get (online connection required downloading)
Not knowing makes me feel like I'm doing something really risky.
It's like walking in the dark.

Didn't know what these even meant which makes me more completely helpless.

Do you think I couldn't update because I changed it from Focal Fossa (Ubuntu 20.04) to Jammy Jellyfish (Ubuntu 22.04) ?

After unable to update it made me not want to ever use wget, mkdir stuff.

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I just tried and I successfully installed veracrypt 20.04 and it's working !
SOLVED ! Thank you so much ! Whooo -!

This is not an unusual situation.

Linux is a learning process, like learning how to drive or the very first time you learned how to use Windows or Excel Spreadsheets.

Once you learn a few commands and use them a few times, things start coming together. That thing that makes users shy away from the terminal (its raw power) begins to give the terminal its appeal (fast efficient powerful access to do anything you want to do).

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