Very slow server to download Pro version


I bought the pro version but the download often fails and is very very slow.

A other mirror?

Have a nice day :wink:


Yes, sometimes it can be slower. Depends on your geo location.

I just tried to download Pro version, speed is around 12 MB/sec.

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Thank you my friend, i come from Belgium.

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I have the same problem!

4 times and fail, c r a p p y speed...

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Zorin Os needs more mirrors?

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I think.

I have a dedicated server with gigabit if needed!

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I think a lot of users are trying to upgade to ZorinOS.

Upgrade is not possible. But i understand what you want to say ^^

I can share my bandwidth...

Sometimes during times of peak demand, you can see slow download speeds. If this persists, I suggest contacting the ZorinGroup and requesting they examine the mirror or try a different link.


Maybe the zorin team should mirror it on a private torrent tracker ??? So users can share as well who bought it "the legal way".

Hi @zarev, we have now sent you an email about this.


Thanks you!

Now it's okay. :yum: :v:


It is good to see that you solved your issues. Enjoy with Zorin os :wink:

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