Virtualbox cannot add iso

I have virtual box but i cannot added in vm .iso files
The virtual box seeing some iso but not all.
What it could be?

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I have had that issue when using iso from a ntfs drive.

Just want to confirm you haven't upgrade to Vbox 7? I just did and having some weird behaviors with it, gonna roll back today actually.

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I found a problem. The iso was another folder. Virtualbox default folder is Downloads. I download them to picture folder.


I reading Qemu-kvm is better for linux.

Which one is better here?

Im actually switching over to boxes seem to work much better, though not as feature rich, its less overhead and more stable

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Screenshot from 2022-10-21 19-45-48

Gnome app. Not working in xfce?

Should, I can try installing it on my laptop tonight, its running ZorinLite i'll let you know in a few hours after i get settled in at work

Ok thank you.

Yeah working in ZorinLite, my Pentium cpu didn't like it though :rofl:

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