Vivobook touchpad

Hi everyone, I have a Vivobook X541N, originally it comes with the ENDLESS OS but it was changed to Windows 10 (a patched copy and it wanst me). The computer had been having some graphical problems that at the beginning I thought were caused for GPU problems (I scanned the hdd and the ram memory and everything ok). I installed Zorin 15.3 Core and everything goes smoothly but the problem I have is that when the computer enters the suspension mode the touchpad is not responding.
When the machine is started up the touchpad works normally but the problem comes after one calls the laptop from the suspension mode, the graphical function of the combination keys (fn+f9) displays the corresponding sign of on-off touchpad but it does not work. It is necessary to restart the computer. Any idea, how can I get a system log to investigate what would be the problem.
Thank you.


Try running the following command after waking up from suspend when your trackpad is not working

/sbin/rmmod i2c_hid && /sbin/modprobe i2c_hid

If this makes your trackpad work, follow the steps In the link above in answer #6.