VLC Media Player with System Settings dark!

Here you can see VLC Player with System Settings Dark, how can i solve this problem?
The VLC Version is the original in-built Version by Zorin OS, Vetinari

Greetings from Germany,

It's because VLC uses QT framework where Zorin OS is GTK based.

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When before you have light then alphabet was a dark alphabet That why cannot seeing propably. The same issue on youtube when you on txt then the texture is dark and difficult to seeing.
Propably change a colour font could help that.

Please see this thread in order to set QT applications to use the GTK theme:

NOTE: The app may launch a little slower because it must convert its theming prior to initializing fully.

Thank you so much, it still work now, even with the new VLC Version 3.0.18 Vetinari in the Zorin Version 16.2 Pro!

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