VMware workstation install issue

I’m trying to install VMware workstation pro 17.5.1 on Zorin 17.1. The install works fine but when I run it by entering ‘VMware’ it comes up with a message that ‘gnu c compiler (gcc) version 12.3.0 was not found’. I’m new to linux and would appreciate information as to someone getting VMware installed and working and how I can get past this message.


Hi, and welcome!

I'm not familiar with VMWare but you can gcc by installing the package build-essential. Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt install build-essential

Although this may still not be enough if you are using the latest version of VMWare, which seems to require gcc at a higher version than it's available in the Zorin OS software repositories – I can't say this for sure but for Debian 12 that is version 12.2.0. If that is the case, try to use a lower version.