Wacom One (medium: CTL672K1A)

Hi, before I buy this tablet, is there anyone on this forum who knows if it works with Zorin? It is the Wacom one medium. I did some search but could not find a simple yes of no. Thank you

If you are referring to Connecting to Zorin, it should connect and interact just fine with Zorin OS 16 with Secure Boot disabled in BIOS Settings.
If you are referring to installing Zorin OS on the Wacom Tablet, that opens up a whole new can of worms.


That would be a huge challenge haha

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have two old Wacom Pen Tablets.
CTL-480 and CHT-470.

Both are supported in Linux.
In fact, Wacom is like HP printer, it is one of the most well supported peripherals in Linux.

Haha, yeah, I'll try that and let you know. What do I get if I get it done

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You get to write a tutorial about how to do it.
It's a great honor.


The wacom tablet was sent yesterday and I got it in the mail today, connected it to my Zorin darling and indeed it works right oob.

Thanks for helping me with another not existing problem (again).

When I finished a sketch with Krita or Mypaint I'll post it here. I do caricatures for fun and I try some Sumi-e, though that might be difficult because there is no brush in any Linux app that can hold (or load as one should call it) two or three colors or tints.

Anyone on this forum who knows an app that can emulatie this on Linux gets a free caricature,

and a kiss of course.


Are you dutch Kees, that word and your name tells me you are :sunglasses:


Not even in GIMP?
I am surprised.

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I thought you could in GIMP, as well. But... I had no idea that Wacom Tablets had a kiss function, either.


Actually I've never seen Wacom tablet which is not Linux compatible.
Same for the printers. I've never seen HP printer which is not Linux compatible.



As you know I use gimp. Would like to buy a graphic tablet, been looking at Wacoms, but not sure what to buy.But I do want it to be BT and cabled use as well.

Can you show us a picture of your tablet?

Yes Michel, me too.

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I added the model number of this tablet in title for the members looking for Zorin compatible tablet.

Oo but FrenchPress,

I was hoping to see a picture with one of his sketches/caricatures and perhaps his big smile while holding and kissing the tablet, hahaha.

PS, I said it before - I love the creativity from the visitors on this forum.

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The title editing is NOT for you.
It is for the future visitors to the forum.

There are more than one kind of Wacom One.
Model number clarifies it.

That I cannot do it for you.
As I said the title editing is NOT meant for you.

You should wait for @Kees to reply your request, I am afraid.

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Nice Kees,

Does it use Bluetooth?
And how about a drawing, a caricature would be nice.