Want to upgrade graphics card - what are my worries?

I'm running 15.3 Pro. My system currently has a Radeon Pro WX3100 graphics card. This is the card that was present when I installed the OS fresh and new. I didn't have to "do anything;" it was automagically detected and worked. I recently got my hands on an NVIDIA GTX 1650 and I'd like to install it on my system. I have no idea how I go about doing this. Do I just pop out the old card and pop in the new one then reboot? Will it, too, be automagically detected and a simple "apt upgrade" will cover it?

well here's your worries:

  • nothing

no matter what GPU you install next (especially AMD GPUs),you won't have much trouble getting your drivers working, if the installed Nvidia driver for instance doesn't cover your GPU, it will simply boot with nouveau or with software rendering, and from there a simple sudo apt autoremove && sudo ubuntu-drivers install && sudo apt upgrade -y will be enough to resolve any conflicts

Happy building! :slight_smile:


Sorry it took me so long to respond; I was enjoying my new graphics card! You were right - no worries. It went surprisingly smoothly. Thank you!

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