Wanting to take Zorin off my drive

Hello there all in this forum. I have joined this forum because i am finding it extreemly frustrating, in getting the right info about what i should do to take Zorin menu light 1.1.0 off my old HP computer..I am wanting to Format my drive to clean it up, and introduce another system on it...Everytime i search on the Web for info on this, i'm told to do make a USB of this, and a DVD of that, but i have tried all these things without success. Can someone please tell me if the reason of this is because i do need the Initial Windows discs,.. and not a windows Media setup disc, or USB, which i have tirelessly made.. I am not really tech saffy to start going into zorins guts, and typing instrutions that look like some Martian writings, so if anyone can please give me the down to earth instructions on how i can clear my hard drive..I have tried to format it from the disc management, but every time i do this , a message saying i need a windows app support, but when i tap on the link, it does not help. Any answers will go towards me not throwing this Dam machine out into the bin. Thanking you kindly.

This is all you need to do.

You do not need to format the drive from within Zorin OS or go through any removal process. Whatever system you want to install, just select your Zorin Partition or Drive as the installation point and let the installer format and install the new operating system.
This process will wipe Zorin OS from your drive.

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That's if you're looking for Windows install instructions. Any OS install, though, will need some discs (DVD) or USB media creation. Unless they're on hand, that makes things easier..

Thankyou Aravisian for your reply..,I think i may have to find out to get my Media USB or DVD installer noticed by the computer at startup, . .and in the boot system list, it's not showing a USB connection...The files are loading onto the compy even with the DVD i've done, but then it just sits waiting.. I can see the files on the USB, or the DVD, but the Installer isn't catching on.

Hiya Plumpkibbles. Thankyou for your info, and the link to the Windows Support..I have replied to Aravisian with what's going on at the mo with me trying to load the windows Media creator. Much appreciated for your help.

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With Windows, I believe they have a "Media Creator" file rather than an .iso direct download these days.
That file is an .exe that must be run that burns the .iso onto the medium (DVD or USB Stick). It is not bootable by itself. It has been a while since I dealt with a Windows Install so it seems I am out of date.

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No worries, I aim to help!

But, yes - as @Aravisian pointed out; the new MS stuff is through a media creation tool - ran though Windows only, apparently. I've tried every way but with my clothes off with that media creation tool in Wine - does not work lol..

They also do have a .ISO file format - but will not come with SSD / NVMe drivers - bummer, found that out the hard way :laughing: Either 10 or 11 versions - I don't get it. Especially with how many new devices are packed with NVMe's :thinking:

As for that media creation tool - definitely leave the box ticked for 'Use current system settings' when making; or else you'll find out like me, you probably will need the SSD / NVMe drivers to get further than just booting. You could download the RST Floppy (not sure why it's listed as floppy) drivers - copy them on the install disk when / if needed. Just FYI - I learn the hard way on a lot of things, builds character! Sorta - but, I'll definitely have some tips :wink:

Hello there Aravisian...I've had no luck with me trying to put another system on, that i have decided just to up date the machine with another Zorin later on..My only problem now is i cannot get my dongle for the internet to connect...do i somehow have to go into system to get it to recognise it ?..My machine has the old Zorin Light 1.01 on it. so and its only a 32 bit machine, so is it still worth going ahead do you think to try update it ?..and if so. which Zorin lite sysem would you reccomend ?

The latest ZorinOS for 32bit machine is Z15.3 Lite. All later versions are 64bit only.

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@zabadabadoo has answered this perfectly. Zorin OS 15.3 Lite is the latest Zorin OS offering 32bit architecture support.

Which version of Zorin OS is currently installed?

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