Wayland exist on Zorin?

I was wondering if wayland working better and kde 6.1 is full compatibility in Zorin also wayland with nvidia drivers without thetering.
I reading the xorg X11 died and now all coming to wayland.
That why i asking.

I am not aware that X11 is dead other than that it is no longer in active 'development'. Wayland is clearly not the answer to everything and everyone.
I am using X11 (default) on my PCLinuxOS install with Plasma 5.27 and Kernel 6.6.25, and 6.1 on Q4OS.

Yeah. I am curious isn't this some tricky. Long time ago people found a wheel and still using them. The same axe,saw,hammer was long ago and still using them. That means they are not usuable? Or this is just some game hey look we have discovered and doing great jobb with icons in wayland and desktop photos.


Xorg will not die. Maybe at some Point in the Future but not yet. Yes, Wayland is coming but that doesn't mean that Xorg disappears. Even Fedora what will bring Wayland only deliver Xorg in the Repo's.

Plamsa 6.1 is the current Plasma Desktop Version. Zorin is based on Ubuntu 22 LTS and so there ist only the Plasma 5 LTS Version from the Ubuntu 22 LTS Repos available.

If You want use Plasma 6.1, You have the Option to use KDE Neon, Fedora or Solus OS.

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Then I understable some distributions have newer kernel,drivers and more new desktop fitcher enviroments. Big gaming RHEL and OpenSuse are big corporations. Canonical reading is more bought and collaboration with Microsoft.Of course i can be wrong.

Yes, that is depending what for a Release Model a Distro has.

The LTS Model has a Software Freeze on a Point and then you get only Securitiy- and Bug Fixes.

Rolling Release Distros get the newest Stuff when it is available. Newest Kernels, Drivers and Desktop Environment Versions.

And then there are these In-between One - so called Semi-Rolling. A good Example for this is Fedora. It is (way) more up-to-date than a LTS Distro but not as much and as fast that a Rolling Release Distro. It is the Try to have a Balance between Stability and to be up-to-date.

In some Kind of Way are Distro's like Linux Mint and KDE Neon are a Mixture of that, too. But here is it an LTS Base (Ubuntu LTS) and an up-to-date Desktop Environment. You could call this semi-rolling, too. But it is a bit different Way that on Fedora because it stands on an LTS Base.

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