WD drive not recognized on boot

It looks like you misunderstood my comment.
I was referring to this statement:

My translation into a genderless version:

I have three nvme disks that Zorin sees almost correctly even if it is he who Zorin which decided where to install himself itself, the problem is that he it does not see the mechanical hdds configured in raid from the bios, which on Zorin would be very useful to me.

We have one major thing in common.
Just like Italian words, almost all Japanese words end with vowel. In fact, it is well know that it is easier for Japanese to learn Italian than other European languages including French (which I am still struggling with).

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I must be misunderstanding something... But I cannot see how my response relates to a genderless reading. I understood the meaning. The only thing I asked was if the O.P. was set to RAID.

Ah, I see.
I underestimated your mental-correction capability for this it/he mix up. After all, I cannot compete with native speakers and I always need to convert it before I can comprehend the whole thing.

Ah, before I started to distract... I think 45GB space is bit too small for Zorin, no? I usually recommend 240GB and 120GB is absolute minimum if you ask me.

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Aren't we going through something similar here re Something Else Method:

I may be 180deg wrong, in which case tell me to "shut-up".


Not for me :grin:


In American English, it is a bit of each.

I said this in a PM to Michel earlier:
"Give a person a fish, they eat for a day. Teach a person to fish, they eat for a lifetime."
In English, it is properly:
"Give a man a fish, they eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, they eat for a lifetime."

In the USA (with my full support) gender is being set to the side as less Relevant. This is slow and under heavy resistance... But it is happening. So linguistically, most Americans are still somewhat used to reading genderlessly.
Even if many Americans do not choose to treat people that way...

It would fit, But I wouldn't want to see what it does within a couple months.

No, you are not wrong. I was thinking of and referenced (vaguely) that thread, too.
It raises concerns.

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Depends on which game OP will install on it, it might not last even a few days.

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the AHCI can be selected on sata drives in my bios (Gygabyte x399 Designare) and with the old bios it was difficult to set the raid for nvme and sata drives at the same time, then with F12 they solved it, a raid 0 on nvme drives that already saturate the pcie 3.0 band doesn't make sense, maybe other types of raid make sense for security but I think it's safer to leave the nvme drives individually without raid. Different matter for sata pcie drives, which don't saturate the bandwidth, I mounted them on my old laptop in raid and they are fine, probably it's on those sata pcie drives that you can enable AHCI. As for the drive it's full of windows games and I can't format it, but I have, the 500gb samsung that I would like to split in half, one half ntfs and the other ext4 but I don't know how to do that.

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So we still do not have any concrete solution for this nvme/HDD mixed environment?

As more and more systems would be shipped with this new form of storage, I think we would expect more help request on this.

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If you cannot format or change the nVME, then it sounds like you agree that installing Zorin OS on the 500gig Samsung is the way to go.
I believe, then, that you are saying the Ubiquity installer chose the nVME automatically, which is what you do not want, correct?

If so, this may be because the Ubiquity installer was looking for the Bootloader and trying to automatically follow the path of least resistance, based on installing alongside of Windows.
This means that the "Something Else" option is the only option that should suit your needs.
If you use that option, does the installer crash?

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The second new thing I learnt today.
Indeed those nvme does not behave like a HDD/SSD with a SATA connection.

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In many ways, eMMC and nVME are more like SD cards than SSD drives. They can transfer data much faster than SSD in the right conditions. But they require different protocol and handling. Sadly, for many users, they think of it as the SSD drive (and that is how it is marketed) meaning users come to the forum with a problem with eMMC, calling it an SSD, leading us on a merry chase trying to figure out why their SSD is misbehaving.

@Aravisian If the OP want's to split his 500Gb Samsung SSD in half and use half for Zorin, what's stopping him using Gparted to do that (or a Windows Partition Manager from Windows). Am I missing something fundamental re AHCI and RAID?

He said in his Original Post that the installer crashes when he tries and I don't think you are missing - I think you are spot on. He is running into the problem of translating the motherboard communicating in RAID, with the 500gig Sata drive.

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At least in this particular case, @ezzysheridan is fully aware of the nature of the storages in his system. And he even shared some knowledge I did not have :slight_smile:

But I have to keep in mind what you've just said. If the storage type is not clearly specified in the original help request, I should make it a routine to ask it first.

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Yes, I think he knows more about drives and AHCI/ RAID than I do, as well.

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Difficult if the user only knows it as a SSD not the dreaded eMMC. Have to ask for details of specific drive and look it up I guess. :frowning_face:

I switched to google translate the deepl has a limited number of translations then it wants money, which also google translate is based on AI it is not that we go very far ... However, the samsung 500 unit is always nvme not sata, mine main problem is not being able to take advantage of the mechanical hdd set in raid 0 because Zorin does not see them, secondly the online Brother printer no longer works, in the same order of importance is to choose the installation partition but if I were in windows I would simply change the path folders like documents, downloads, images and more by moving them to another disk so the 45 partition stays there.

I have found that Yandex Translate does a pretty good job. I use it for translating posts on forum.

Can you please I.D. and outline which drives you have available and how you intend to use each?