Weather dock / applet / winglet?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there is an applet / winglet or dock for weather ?
Budgie Linux has it built into the desktop, is there something similar for Zorin OS ?


You don't infrom us which zorin you use, but in Zorin 16 core you can click on the clock and date and it and you can set it to display the weather.

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ah thanks Storm
I didn't even know about that.

Thank you for a quick answer

Hi @Storm
Thanks for this info. I did not know this function and I have been using a weather applet in Zoriin16.

But how come you guys have a better weather than Paris :frowning: Not fair...

Dunno. Sometimes it's a hit and miss when it comes to Danish weather, but this year seems to be a good one. :slight_smile:

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Hello guys

Why my weather dont show the weather? I do not see the moon or sun.

Zorin 16....i select the City, but not show.

I had the same problem. I finally set it to "auto location" and now it is working. Not exactly where I live but the town next to us - close enough for weather forecast.

I Will try.
Thanks for the tip

Weird..In my case "auto location" working perfect ,right my place and location, but it doesnt show it when I click clock in taskbar.

If I disable Auto location, then it is visible..funny

It is because you live in a much larger town than mine!
Our tiny town is sandwiched between two major cities and I am sure French Meteo does not have any weather station in it :wink: