Webcam not working after using for more than 1 hour?

my webcam is not working after i atend my morning clases 9 to 11
after ccontinuesly using web cam for some time the next time i try to turn my web cam the light is just blinking but the picture is black
my system is a inspiron 1564

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Does the camera not work anywhere after an hour? Have you tried using camera in other apps after more than one hour and does it work there?

Simply put, there is not enough information to go on here.

Is this a built in webcam, or an external webcam?

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

Type in lsusb

Post the results in here please.

If its an external webcam, you could try unplugging it, and replugging it in. With the light blinking and you seeing just black screen, tells me its probably malfunctioning.

But unplugging replugging hopefully will fix it.


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