Weird message after trying to boot Zorin

So I believe I did everything correctly but after installing it when I restart it appears a message too fast for me to see and then a bunch of weird characters

It's a Pegraton and I'll get the other specs in a second

Intel© Core™ i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz × 2


What do these 3 and g mean?

Edit: apparently it's a problem with the USB failing to unmount, is there a way I can unbout it safely?

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Hello, when you say installed is this installed to your harddrive or to a usb as a liveusb? The second image is a but fuzzy but i think it says the loopback failed, that would be the liveusb correct? it could be the image didn't write correctly and is corrupt, can you re-write the usb using belena etcher?

Possible Scenario #2
If this is a hardrive install, this could be a issue with another operating system, I had a similar issue with windows 10 a few years back when hibernation was on, it was preventing the windows ntfs partition from mounting and Mint would hang at that stage. If this sounds like ti could be the case, boot into windows, disabled fastboot and hibernation and reboot.


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