Well guess what ... I'm locked out of XFCE

LOL .... yea that screen just popped up again but this time I could put in my password and it worked ... go figure .... LOL

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ sudo xset s 0 0
[sudo] password for mike:

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I have had that screensaver app do that to me too. Could not enter password. It has happened on Mate, as well.
Not sure the cause. I just kill the thing.

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Sorry for all the trouble if I had had a way to post photos from my cell I could have avoided a whole lot of aggravation for the two of us ... but mainly for you ....

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You can imagine how much trouble I have been through and created for myself.

As well as doing so testing not just installing XFCE on Zorin OS core but also...
Staging Developments on Zorin
Enlightenment on Zorin
Plasma 5 on Zorin
Trinity Desktop on Zorin
Mate on Zorin
Cinnamon on Zorin
LXDE on Zorin (I wrote a thread on here about this one)
LXQT on Zorin

As well as testing other users issues on my own machine causing me to often get the same problems they have, then struggling to solve it out of pure Self-Interest... then posting the solution.


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